why the concrete mixer stop working when running

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As the main facility of concrete production,in recent years, the concrete mixing plant has keeping developing day by day , whether it is domestic or abroad, whether it is stationary concrete plant or mobile concrete plant, it is popular, such as concrete batching plant in Russia, mobile batching plant in USA,60m3/h concrete plant in Ethiopia, 50m3/h concrete plant in Algeria etc. However, any large-scale construction equipment will have certain malfunctions as the service time increases. Based on our experience, the following summarizes some problems and solutions that twin-shaft mixers are prone to encounter :



1. The mixer is seriously overloaded


If the main shaft of the mixer is keeping overload working , after some while, the main shaft will rotate slowly or even stop working.


Solution: If the mixing shaft stops due to the overload work, it is necessary to adjust the feeding amount, remove excess materials, and reduce the rotation load of the mixing main shaft.


2. There are large debris between the mixing blade and the inner wall


Debris will cause the mixing shaft of the concrete mixer to stop rotating. If the gap between the mixing blades of the mixer, the side blades and the inner wall of the mixer is too large, it is easy for debris to get stuck inside.


Solution: When the material is stuck between the side edge and the inner wall, there will be abnormal friction sound before the mixing shaft stops. If your concrete mixer encounters this situation during usage, you need to stop it for inspection, discharge debris, and then re-adjust the blade gaps of the mixer.


3. The drive belt of the concrete mixer motor is too loose.


If the belt of the JS twin shaft concrete mixer is too loose, the mixing shaft of concrete mixer will rotate slowly, and the looseness of the motor drive belt will cause insufficient power transmission.


Solution: If the transmission belt of the concrete mixer is relatively loose, it is necessary to adjust the tightness of the belt .


Above is basic problems and solution of twin shaft mixer.


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