Four major development directions of concrete mixing plant

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Concrete mixing station presents four major development directions

1. Environmental protection

The low-environmental protection of the concrete mixing plant will be improved and enhanced in the future from the three aspects of dust, noise and pollution. In terms of dust, it should be controlled in the transportation route of the powder, such as the use of high-quality dust collectors on the cement silo, the main building Dust can be reduced to a minimum by adding a dust collector, changing the feeding of the screw machine to the feeding of the wind channel, and closing the entire station; on the pollution side, it must be carried out in various ways, such as the construction of wastewater sedimentation tanks and secondary circulation filter installations and secondary use of aggregates.

2. Intelligent

Intelligence is the ultimate development direction of all mechanical equipment, and concrete mixing plants are no exception. At present, most manufacturers have invested heavily in the research and development of intelligent concrete mixing plants, but the concrete mixing plants are only in a relatively low state of intelligence. In the future, China will develop and manufacture more intelligent concrete mixing plants.

3. High precision

High precision mainly refers to the measurement accuracy of aggregates, cement, water and admixtures. At present, there is still a large room for improvement in accuracy. High-precision measurement is the goal and development direction of our country's mixing plants. Only by improving the measurement accuracy can we produce higher-grade high-strength concrete.

4. Standardization

The standardization of mixing plants is the ultimate development direction. Any equipment has standards, the world has international standards, and my country also has its own industry standards. Standardization can fundamentally reduce product costs and save a lot of energy consumption resources. Although our country has industry standards for mixing plants, it is far from being able to adapt to the current development speed of mixing plants. The standards are relatively lagging behind. The industry standards have not played a guiding role to a certain extent. Many manufacturers contend, and each family has a standard situation. The market is chaotic, so that the investment of the majority of users is wasted. In the future, relevant industry authorities and large enterprises will promote the formulation of industry standards.

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